Exposed Junction thermocouple wire with connector


E , K , J , T 

Temperature Range

0 to 400 °C


Flat pin

Wire Insulation

SS braided / Teflon / Fiberglass

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 2 mtr



  • Exposed junction thermocouples are available in various wire types, such as Type K, Type T, and Type J thermocouples, depending on the temperature range and accuracy required for the application.
  • Ideal for test & development applications.
  • However, the exposed junction is also more vulnerable to damage from physical contact or chemical exposure, and may require more frequent calibration and replacement.
  • temperature range is -50 to 400 °C
  • The exposed junction allows for direct contact with the material being measured, providing a faster response time and more accurate temperature measurement compared to other types of thermocouples.
  • Exposed junction thermocouples are commonly used in applications where fast response times and high accuracy are required, such as in scientific research or semiconductor manufacturing.


Reliable Exposed Junction Thermocouple Wire with Connector


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