Fusion thermocouple


E , K , J , T 

Temperature Range

0 to 400 °C

Wire Gaug

1/24, 1/22, 1/26, 7/36 etc......

Wire Insulation

SS braided / Teflon / Fiberglass

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 10 mtr



In a fusion thermocouple, the two junctions of the thermocouple are placed in a fusion plasma, where the temperature can reach millions of degrees Celsius. The thermocouple generates a voltage signal that is proportional to the temperature difference between the two junctions. This voltage signal is then measured and used to monitor the temperature of the fusion plasma.

Fusion thermocouples are important in the field of nuclear fusion research, as they provide a way to measure the temperature of the plasma in real time. Accurate temperature measurements are essential for understanding the behavior of the plasma and for optimizing the performance of fusion reactors.

It is worth noting that fusion thermocouples are not the only type of temperature sensor used in nuclear fusion research. Other types of sensors, such as optical pyrometers and neutron emission spectroscopy, are also used to measure the temperature of fusion plasmas.


Accurate Fusion Thermocouple for Reliable Temperature Measurement


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