T type thermocouple


Temperature Range

0 to 400 °C


Flat pin

Wire Insulation

SS braided / Teflon 

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 10 mtr



  • A Type T thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor that is commonly used in industrial and scientific applications.
  • It is made up of two different metal wires, usually copper and constantan, which are joined together at one end to form a junction.
  • When this junction is exposed to a temperature difference, a voltage is generated which is proportional to the temperature difference.
  • The voltage produced by the Type T thermocouple is relatively low, typically in the range of a few millivolts, which makes it susceptible to electrical noise and interference.
  • To minimize these effects, the Type T thermocouple is often used in conjunction with specialized instrumentation amplifiers and other signal conditioning circuits.
  • The Type T thermocouple is capable of measuring temperatures ranging from -200°C to 350°C, making it well-suited for applications that require precise temperature control and monitoring.
  • It is commonly used in laboratory and industrial settings for applications such as temperature measurement in chemical reactions, material testing, and furnace control.
  • The Type T thermocouple has a relatively low cost and is readily available, which makes it a popular choice for many temperature sensing applications.


High-Precision T-Type Thermocouple for Accurate Temperature Measurement


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