Rtd temperature sensor with brass thermowell

RTD temperature sensor with a brass thermowell is a type of resistance temperature detector (RTD) that is designed with a brass thermowell for protection and isolation of the RTD element from the process medium. The brass thermowell acts as a barrier between the RTD element and the process fluid or gas, providing mechanical protection and allowing for easy replacement of the RTD element without disrupting the process.

RTD element is housed inside the brass thermowell, and the assembly is typically connected to the process or system using various types of fittings, such as threaded, flanged, or welded connections, depending on the application requirements. The brass thermowell is designed to be installed into a process pipe, tank, or other suitable location, allowing for accurate temperature measurement of the process medium.

RTD temperature sensor with a brass thermowell is designed for accurate temperature measurement in industrial processes where the RTD element needs protection from the process medium. The brass thermowell provides mechanical strength and thermal conductivity while allowing for accurate temperature measurement. These sensors are typically used in a wide range of applications


“RTD Temperature Sensor with Brass Thermowell – Durable and Accurate Temperature Measurement Solution”


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