RTD sensor with bar stock threaded thermowell


Pt100/J/K ( Simplex / Duplex )

Temperature Range

-50 to 500⁰C /0 to 600⁰C /0 to 1200⁰C

Probe Dia

6/8/10/12 mm (Optional)

Probe Length

25 to 1000 mm


Class A or B As per IEC-60751

Thermowell Material

SS304 / SS316 / SS310 / Inconel etc...

  • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensor with a bar stock thermowell is a common configuration used for temperature measurement in industrial processes.
  • A bar stock thermowell is a cylindrical tube made of metal, typically stainless steel, that is installed in a process pipe or vessel.
  • The thermowell protects the RTD sensor from the process fluid or gas, while still allowing it to measure the temperature accurately.
  • The thermowell is designed to withstand the process conditions, such as pressure and temperature, and is usually welded or threaded into the process piping or vessel.
  • The RTD sensor is inserted into the thermowell, and its element is in contact with the metal wall of the thermowell. The metal of the thermowell conducts the heat from the process fluid or gas to the RTD sensor, which measures the temperature.
  • This configuration provides several benefits, including protection of the RTD sensor from the process, which can extend its lifespan, and the ability to remove and replace the sensor without interrupting the process. The use of a bar stock thermowell also allows for accurate temperature measurement even in high-pressure or corrosive process environments.
  • It is important to select the right type of thermowell for the specific process conditions and the RTD sensor being used to ensure accurate and reliable temperature measurement.


“RTD Sensor with Bar Stock Threaded Thermowell – Accurate Temperature Measurement Solution”


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