Din rail mounted temperature transmitter

  • A DIN rail mounted temperature transmitter is an industrial instrumentation device that is designed to be mounted on a standard DIN rail in a control panel or enclosure for temperature measurement and control applications. It typically converts temperature signals from temperature sensors, such as thermocouples or RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), into standardized electrical signals, such as 4-20 mA, that can be transmitted to a control system or other monitoring and control devices.
  • DIN rail mounted temperature transmitters are commonly used in industrial and process control applications where space is limited and a standardized method of mounting is required. DIN rails are a common standard for mounting industrial control components, and DIN rail mounted temperature transmitters provide a convenient and organized way of integrating temperature measurement into a larger control or monitoring system.


“High-Precision DIN Rail-Mounted Temperature Transmitter for Industrial Monitoring”


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