Vfd and soft starter panels

Rated Voltage

415 VAC, 3 -phase


50 | 60 HZ

Busbar Material

Aluminium / Copper 

Rated Current

( Depending On Requirement )


Schnider / Siemence /Danfoss / L&T / Delta

Protection Features

MCB, MCCB, FUSE (Depending on Required Application )

Enclouser Type

Standard / Compartmental

Ip Rating

Ip 54 (Standard) / Ip 65 (Optional)

A VFD and soft starter control panel is an electrical enclosure that contains a variable frequency drive (VFD) and/or a soft starter, as well as other components necessary to control the starting. stopping, and speedo fan electric motor VFD sand soft starters are both used to reduce the inrush current and torque associated with motor startup, which can help to extend the life of the motor and reduce maintenance costs.


Dynamic Motor Control Solutions: VFD and Soft Starter Panels for Efficient Performance


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