Silicon/silicon rtd cable

Silicone is a synthetic rubber material known for its high-temperature resistance, flexibility, and excellent electrical insulation properties. Silicone wire is a type of electrical wire that is coated with a layer of silicone insulation. Silicone wire is commonly used in applications where high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and electrical insulation are critical, such as in automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment.

Silicone wire is available in various sizes and configurations, and it is a good option for applications where high-temperature resistance, flexibility, and electrical insulation are required. Silicone insulation has a wide temperature range from -60°C to 200°C, which makes it suitable for high-temperature applications where other types of insulation, such as PVC, may fail.

Silicone/Silicone wire refers to a wire that has two layers of silicone insulation, one over the conductor and the other over the first layer of insulation. This type of wire is used in applications where additional protection against physical damage, abrasion, and harsh chemicals is required, such as in industrial equipment and machinery.

Overall, Silicone/Silicone wire is a reliable choice for high-temperature, harsh chemical, and high-performance applications where flexibility, electrical insulation, and mechanical durability are critical. However, it is more expensive than PVC wire, and it may not be the best option for applications that do not require high-temperature resistance or superior mechanical durability.


“Silicon/Silicon RTD Cable – High-Temperature and Flexible Temperature Sensing Connection”


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