LRB bayonet thermocouple


K, J, E, Rtd (pt 100) 

Temperature Range

-50 to 600 °C


Dia : 5 mm & Length :10 to 100 mm


12.5 & 14.5 mm Id with single slot

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 10 mtr


Grounded, Ungrounded



LRB bayonet thermocouple sensor is a type of thermocouple temperature sensor that is commonly used in industrial applications for temperature measurement. It is similar to a standard bayonet thermocouple in that it has a spring-loaded bayonet cap for easy installation and removal from the process or equipment being monitored.

The “LRB” in LRB bayonet thermocouple stands for “Locking Ring Bayonet.” This means that the bayonet cap has a locking mechanism that prevents it from accidentally coming off during operation, providing additional security and stability for the sensor.


LRB Bayonet Thermocouple for Accurate Temperature Monitoring


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