Quick disconnect rtd sensor


Pt 100 ( Simplex  )

Temperature Range

-50 to 500 °C


Dia : 4 / 8 mm, Length : 50 to 200 mm


1/2 NPT ( Optional )

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 10 mtr


3 Pin Flat Connector

  • Quick disconnect RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensors are RTD sensors that are designed with a quick disconnect feature for easy installation and removal. These sensors are typically used in applications where frequent sensor replacement or maintenance is required, or where the sensor needs to be easily removed for calibration or cleaning purposes. Quick disconnect RTD sensors typically consist of two main parts: the sensor element and the mating connector.
  • The sensor element of a quick disconnect RTD sensor is similar to a standard RTD sensor, typically made of a thin wire wound around a ceramic or glass core with a known resistance-temperature relationship. The sensor element may be housed in a protective sheath made of stainless steel or other materials to withstand the environmental conditions of the application.
  • The mating connector is designed to connect to the sensor element and provide a reliable electrical connection. It typically includes a male connector on the sensor side and a corresponding female connector on the cable side. The connectors are designed to be easily plugged and unplugged, allowing for quick and convenient installation and removal of the sensor without the need for extensive wiring or soldering.
  • Quick disconnect RTD sensors are commonly used in industrial and process applications where temperature measurement is critical, such as in HVAC systems, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and automotive manufacturing. They offer the advantage of reducing downtime during sensor replacement or maintenance, as well as providing accurate and reliable temperature measurements.
  • When selecting a quick disconnect RTD sensor, it’s important to consider factors such as temperature range, accuracy, sensitivity, connector type, and environmental conditions to ensure that the sensor is suitable for the specific application requirements. Proper installation, calibration, and maintenance procedures should also be followed to ensure accurate and reliable temperature measurement using quick disconnect RTD sensors. Consulting with a qualified engineer or temperature measurement specialist can help in selecting and implementing the appropriate quick disconnect RTD sensor for a specific application.



“Quick Disconnect RTD Sensor – Easy and Convenient Temperature Measurement Solution”


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