Push-in temperature sensor

  • Push-in thermocouple sensors are a type of temperature sensor that can be pushed into a hole or opening in a material to measure its temperature using the thermocouple principle.
  • Push-in thermocouple sensors are commonly used in industrial processes and equipment monitoring applications where direct contact with the material being measured is required.
  • The push-in design allows for easy installation and removal of the sensor, and provides a secure and stable connection to the material being measured.
  • The probe of the thermocouple sensor is typically made of a thermally conductive material such as stainless steel, Inconel, or other alloys to ensure accurate temperature measurement.
  • The size and shape of the probe can be customized to fit the specific hole or opening in the material being measured.
  • Push-in thermocouple sensors are designed to be held in place by friction or spring tension, and may not require additional mounting hardware.
  • Push-in thermocouple sensors can be used in a wide range of applications, including heating and cooling systems, automotive engines, and industrial equipment monitoring.
  • Some push-in thermocouple sensors come with a waterproof or explosion-proof housing to protect them from moisture, dust, or other hazards in the environment.
  • Push-in thermocouple sensors are often more durable and longer lasting than surface-mounted sensors, as they are less likely to be damaged or dislodged during use.


Convenient Push-In Temperature Sensor for Easy and Accurate Temperature Monitoring


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