Pcc panels

Current Rating

100 A to 6300 A (Depending on the size of the panel )


50 | 60 HZ

Number Of Feeder

( Depending On Requirement )

Feeder Type 

Incoming Feeders, Outgoing Feeders

Protection Features

Short Circuit Protection, Over VOltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Ground Fault Protection (Optional)

Enclouser Type

Standard / Compartmental

Ip Rating

Ip 54 (Standard) / Ip 65 (Optional)

Power control center (PCC) panels are used to distribute and control electrical power in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. They typically consist of a series of circuit breakers, switches, and other components that are housed in a single enclosure. PCC panels are designed to provide a safe and reliable way to manage electrical power, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each application

Our PCC panels are a testament to engineering perfection. They are meticulously designed to provide seamless power distribution, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your systems.


Enhance Power Distribution Efficiency with Top-Notch PCC Panels – Reliable Electrical Control Solutions


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