Mini head thermocouple sensor


Pt100/J/K ( Simplex / Duplex )

Temperature Range

-50 to 500⁰C /0 to 600⁰C /0 to 1200⁰C

Probe Dia

4/5/6/8 mm (Optional)

Probe Length

25 to 300 mm


Class A or B As per IEC-60751

Sheath Material

SS304 / SS316 / SS316L

  • Mini head thermocouple sensor is a type of temperature sensor that consists of a thermocouple element mounted inside a small protective head. The head is typically made of metal  and provides a secure and protective enclosure for the thermocouple element, as well as a convenient location for wiring and signal conditioning electronics.
  • Mini head thermocouple sensors are designed for use in applications where space is limited or where a smaller sensor is preferred. They are often used in applications such as laboratory equipment, HVAC systems, and industrial machinery where accurate and reliable temperature measurement is critical.
  • Mini head thermocouple sensors are available in a variety of thermocouple types, including K-type, J-type, and  among others.
  • One of the advantages of using a mini head thermocouple sensor is its compact size. This makes it easier to install and allows it to be used in applications where space is limited or where a smaller sensor is preferred. Additionally, the protective head provides a barrier between the thermocouple element and the environment, helping to prevent damage or contamination.
  • Overall, mini head thermocouple sensors provide a reliable and accurate way to measure temperature in a wide range of applications, while also being compact and easy to install.


Compact Mini Head Thermocouple Sensor for Precise Temperature Monitoring


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