Mineral insulated Pt100 rtd sensor


Pt100 ( Simplex / Duplex )

Temperature Range

-50 to 600 ⁰C

Probe Dia

3 / 4.5 / 6 / 8 / 10 / mm

Probe Length

50 to 5000 mm


Class B As per IEC-60751

Sheath Material


  • Mineral insulated Pt100 RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensor is a type of temperature sensor that is designed to provide accurate and reliable temperature measurement in harsh and extreme environments.
  • The sensor consists of a thin, flexible cable made of a highly heat-resistant metal sheath, such as stainless steel or Inconel, which contains a Pt100 sensing element. The cable is filled with a highly compressed mineral oxide insulation, which provides excellent thermal conductivity and insulation. This ensures that the sensor can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and chemical exposure.
  • Mineral insulated Pt100 RTD sensors are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including industrial process control, power generation, aerospace, and automotive applications. They are also used in scientific research, materials testing, and quality control applications.
  • These sensors offer several advantages over other types of temperature sensors, including their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, their flexibility and durability, and their high accuracy and stability. They are also resistant to vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference, making them reliable and accurate even in harsh and challenging environments.
  • Overall, mineral insulated Pt100 RTD sensors are an excellent choice for applications that require accurate and reliable temperature measurement in extreme environments.


“Mineral Insulated Pt100 RTD Sensor – Accurate Temperature Measurement Solution”


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