Melt bolt thermocouple


J / K

Temperature Range

Up to 500 °C

Sheath Material

SS304 / SS316


Standard Round Pin


3 to 6 inch 


Grounded / Ungrounded

  • A melt bolt thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor that is designed to measure the temperature of molten plastics or other materials in an extrusion or injection molding process. It consists of a thermocouple probe that is embedded into a bolt or plug that is inserted into the melt stream.
  • The thermocouple probe typically consists of two dissimilar metals that are welded together at one end to create a temperature-sensitive junction. The probe is typically inserted into a hole in the bolt or plug and secured with a set screw or other fastener. The bolt or plug is then inserted into the melt stream, where it measures the temperature of the molten material as it passes by.
  • Melt bolt thermocouples are commonly used in plastic extrusion and injection molding processes to ensure that the material is being heated and cooled correctly, and that the finished product meets the desired specifications. They are also used in research and development applications to study the behavior of different materials under different processing conditions.


Reliable Melt Bolt Thermocouple for Accurate Temperature Monitoring


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