Manifold thermocouple


K , J , T , Rtd (pt 100) 

Temperature Range

35 to 600 °C


Dia : 4 mm & Length :15 mm

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 10 mtr

Wire Insulation

SS braded, Teflon, Fiberglass,Kapton


Grounded, Ungrounded



  • This hot runner type J thermocouple is designed to suit all applications where metal sheathed thermocouples are required. With the flexibility and small diameters in which they are available, the hot runner thermocouples can be used in locations that are not easily accessible. The unique design of the Hot Runner temperature sensors are especially ideal for applications where the metal sensor tip is fitted directly into a drilled hole or press fitted into a grooved channel along the machined parts.
  • This product has a brass block; with a 4mm pin diameter measuring 12mm long, and a 1 to 5 miter , fiberglass insulated stainless steel wire-braided cable.
  • It is suitable for use up to +350°C.
  • Other cable lengths and types can also be provided
  • Manifold thermocouples are designed to be inserted into a manifold or flow-through fitting, such as a T-piece or Y-piece, where the fluid flows past the thermocouple element.


High-Performance Manifold Thermocouple for Precise Temperature Control


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