High temperature leaf thermocouple


K ( Simplex )

Temperature Range

Up to 1100 ⁰C

Leaf Size

50 mm

Wire Length

To Suit Your Application

Wire Configuration

2 Wire

  • High-temperature leaf thermocouple is a type of thermocouple that is designed to measure high temperatures, typically ranging from 800°C to 1800°C. These thermocouples are made of thin, flat metal strips or “leaves” that are welded together at one end to form a thermocouple junction.
  • The metal strips used in high-temperature leaf thermocouples are typically made of platinum or a platinum-rhodium alloy, which can withstand extreme temperatures without oxidizing or corroding. The metal strips are also very thin to allow for a rapid response time and high sensitivity to temperature changes.
  • To customize a high-temperature leaf thermocouple, several factors need to be considered, such as the temperature range, the size and shape of the thermocouple, the type of metal used, and the type of connector or termination.
  • For example, if you require a high-temperature leaf thermocouple with a specific shape or size, the metal strips can be cut and formed to your specifications. The thermocouple can also be customized with different types of connectors or terminations, such as miniature or standard plugs or bare wires.


“High-Temperature Leaf Thermocouple – Accurate Temperature Measurement Solution”


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