Fiberglass/fiberglass/ss braided thermocouple wire

Fiberglass is a type of material made from glass fibers that are woven into a fabric or spun into a thread. It is a lightweight and strong material that is commonly used in the construction of boats, aircraft, and automobiles, as well as in the production of insulation and other building materials. Fiberglass wire is a type of wire that is coated with a layer of fiberglass insulation. This insulation provides protection against high temperatures, chemicals, and other environmental factors that may damage the wire.Fiberglass braided wire is a type of wire that is made by weaving fiberglass fibers into a braided pattern around a central conductor. This type of wire is commonly used in applications where high temperatures and mechanical stress are a concern, such as in motors, transformers, and other industrial equipment.



“Fiberglass/Fiberglass/SS Braided Thermocouple Wire – High-Temperature and Reliable Temperature Sensing Solution”


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