Compression spring thermocouple for plastic machinery


K, J, E

Temperature Range

35 to 600 °C


Dia : 4 to 6 mm & Length : 20 to 100 mm


12.5 mm Id with double slot

Wire Length

0.5 mtr to 10 mtr


M12 * 1.5 (30 to 120 mm) (Other size also available)



  • Compression spring thermocouples are commonly used in plastic machinery for temperature monitoring and control.These thermocouples are designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments often encountered in plastic processing equipment.One end of the compression spring thermocouple is attached to the plastic machinery’s surface or injection/extrusion barrel using a compression fitting. The fitting ensures a secure and consistent contact between the thermocouple and the surface, maximizing temperature sensing accuracy.
    The other end of the thermocouple is connected to a temperature controller or monitoring system.


High-Quality Compression Spring Thermocouple for Precise Temperature Control in Plastic Machinery


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