Bayonet adaptor

  • Threaded bayonet adaptor for use with bayonet style thermocouples or temperature probes. This thermocouple adaptor consists of a male thread for process mounting and a bayonet style pin for attaching to the mating cap. The thermocouple is simply inserted and locked into the adapter which holds the sensing tip firmly in place in the process or against the surface it is measuring.
  • Bayonet adapters are designed to provide a quick and secure connection, often with a twist-and-lock mechanism that ensures a tight fit. They are typically easy to install and remove without the need for additional tools, making them convenient for various applications.
  • Bayonet adapters can come in various sizes, configurations, and materials, depending on the specific application and industry requirements.
  • They comes with different thread size like 1/8 bsp, 1/4 bsp, M10, M12, 1/2 bsw  and many other size and length available


“High-Quality Bayonet Adaptor – Streamline Industrial Connections”


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