Ambient ntc sensor

  • Ambient NTC temperature sensor is a type of NTC thermistor that is designed to measure the temperature of the surrounding environment or ambient temperature. Ambient temperature sensors are commonly used in HVAC systems, industrial equipment, and other applications where it is important to monitor the temperature of the air or other surrounding materials.
  • The NTC thermistor used in an ambient temperature sensor typically has a resistance of 10,000 ohms at 25°C and its resistance decreases as the temperature increases. The change in resistance of the thermistor is measured using a Wheatstone bridge or other circuitry that is designed to convert the resistance change into a temperature measurement.
  • Ambient temperature sensors are available in various package styles and sizes, including surface-mount, through-hole, and leaded packages. Some ambient temperature sensors may also include additional features such as built-in signal conditioning, digital interfaces, or other capabilities to simplify integration into a system.


“Ambient NTC Sensor – Accurate Temperature Monitoring for Ambient Conditions”


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